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Chaste tree for dogs

Chaste tree for dogs

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Monk's pepper for dogs - supports the natural, harmonious cycle

A disturbed hormonal balance confuses the body - and can even lead to a false pregnancy in bitches. The hormone prolactin is responsible for this. Because prolactin - along with other hormones - is involved in the "maternal feelings" that occur.


Product advantages at a glance

  • 100% finely ground chaste tree
  • Plant-based support of the natural hormone balance
  • Feed materials for dogs
  • Suitable for males and females
  • Proven Waldkraft quality


Feed materials for dogs

For plant-based support of the natural hormone balance

Suitable for males and females

In proven Waldkraft quality - tested by animal health practitioners and veterinarians.


What is chaste tree?

Monk's pepper (Vitex agnus-castus) belongs to the verbena family (Verbenaceae) and flowers from July to September mainly on riverbanks and near the coast. Its fruits taste spicy and hot - hence the "pepper". Its name goes back to the Middle Ages when it became a symbol of chastity. At that time it was grown by monks and nuns as a "chaste tree" in the monastery gardens. From this, its Latin name vitex agnus-castus, which means “chaste lamb”, derived.


Chaste tree for males

When the seductive scent of bitches in heat is in the air, male hormones can quickly go haywire. They then often show themselves to be more dominant, don't listen to commands as well and can sometimes even become aggressive towards other males. This behavior is doubly exhausting - for you and your dog. In order to regain inner balance, a balanced hormonal balance is important. With monk's pepper as a feed supplement, you can support the naturally harmonious cycle of your pet.

Chaste tree for bitches

In bitches, the hormones are responsible, among other things, for a regular cycle and for a balanced heat cycle. Depending on the cycle phase, certain behaviors can occur, such as irritability, loss of appetite or mood swings. False pregnancies sometimes occur in some bitches.


The propensity for false pregnancy can be traced back to the wolf ancestors: in wolf packs, false pregnancy is a useful behavior to enable the so-called "co-parenting" of the female wolves within a pack. Due to the "maternal feelings" the wolf cub is cared for by everyone - regardless of who brought it into the world.


With chaste tree from Waldkraft you can support your dog's naturally harmonious cycle - without burdening their body with empty fillers.



100% ground chaste tree (Vitex agnus-castus)


Do not use if your pet is pregnant or lactating. Do not use if your pet suffers from hormonal cancer diseases. Do not use if your dog has thyroid disease. Do not use if ovaries have been removed.


160g powder

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