nutritional advice

BARF, dry food, wet food, cooked food

Personalized nutritional advice

A healthy and vital dog life begins with a balanced, healthy diet!

Because the same applies to dogs: You are what you eat!

We offer all kinds of feeding advice to ensure that your four-legged friend receives the right food for him in all situations. It doesn't matter which type of feeding you prefer - we try to offer you and your dog what is right and appropriate for your life situation.

  • Advice

    • Ration design and review
    • Calculation for puppies, young dogs and seniors
    • diet food plans
    • Elimination diet for allergies
    • Feeding schedules in case of illness
    • Support for various problems with herbs & nutritional supplements
    • Help on many other topics
  • Food

    • BARF & CORF
    • Cooked Meals
    • dried animal food
    • wet food
  • Nutrional supplements

    Consultation for:

    • Herbs & Oils
    • vitamins & minerals