Nutrition Advice

BARF, dry food, wet food, cooked food

Personalized nutrition advice

A healthy and vital dog's life begins with a balanced, healthy diet!

Because the saying 'You are what you eat!' also applies to your furry best friend!

In order for your four-legged friend to get the food he needs, we
offer nutrition advice based on your dog's needs and circumstances.

Whether you prefer BARF, dry or wet food, we try to put together the ideal feeding plan for your dog, in reference to life circumstances and preferences.

  • Consultation

    • Ration design and review
    • Calculation for puppies, young dogs and seniors
    • Diet feeding plans
    • Elimination diet plans for allergies
    • Feeding plan in case of illness
    • Support in connection with problems with herbs & nutritional supplements
    • Help on many other topics
  • Food

    • BARF & CORF
    • Cooked Meals
    • Dried animal food
    • Wet food
  • Nutritional Supplements

    Consultation for:

    • Herbs & Oils
    • Vitamins & minerals