First Meetup

Guided meetups with the pack, in which you can take part, are always possible Monday to Friday at 2 p.m. upon prior request.

During this time, two employees will be at your disposal to answer all your questions and you will receive a professional assessment of your pet's behavior.

For the trial appointment we charge 100.00 Fr.

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Trial day

No time for a trial appointment? No problem! Our trained staff will take care of the first meetup between your furball and our pack during a trial day and will give you feedback in the evening on how it went. The fee for a meetup is included in the fee for the trial day (we charge our daily flat rate for a trial day).

We recommend arranging the trial appointment well in advance of the first stay so that your pup has enough time to get used to the new situation and can complete a trial day with us.

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Intact males & females

Due to our experience with group dynamics, it is unfortunately not possible to send intact male dogs to Villa Bunterhund - with an exception for puppies and young dogs that have not yet reached their sexual maturity. Our caretakers will inform you in due course when it is no longer possible to send your pup to daycare.

Intact female dogs during their heat are welcome in Villa Bunterhund, however, we recommend keeping your pup at home while she's in heat. Please note that we charge an additional fee for intact females in heat.

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It is also possible to send your puppy to Villa Bunterhund. However, it is necessary to prepare them well in advance for this big, new experience. We therefore recommend 2-3 trial days, during which your pup can slowly get used to the pack and their new environment. So if you want to leave your puppy with us, please plan enough time so that we do not overwhelm your dog.