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Welcome to our Doggie Boutique!

Our products have one thing in common: They are anything but ordinary!

Special materials, eye-catching designs and cleverly engineered products that will make you want to treat your furball!

Are you looking for an unique collar? Looking for a fuzzy, cozy bed for your dog? Struggling to find a doggie coat that will fit perfectly? This is where you will find it!

We also specialize in nutrition advice and our shop offers a wide range of dry and wet food, a large selection of BARF meat and dietary supplements and much, much more!

You can find all our products in our Online Shop.


Looking for a durable raincoat for your furball? Right this way! 


All the fashionable accessories from Stilhütte at a glance! 

Maul Ledermanufaktur

All the unique accessories from Maul Ledermanufaktur at a glance! 


All our collars by Hundessa at a glance! 


Looking for the ideal bowl for your furball? Right this way! 


All our toys for dogs at a glance! 

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