You are what you eat!

And that's why your pup should get their very own meal plan that caters to their needs.

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Price list Nutritionist

All our nutrionist services and prices at a glance (incl. 8,1% VAT).

Food analysis compact food

Assesment of current food CHF 60.-

BARF meal plan ideas for healthy dogs:

simple meal plan without the purchase of products: CHF 140.-
simple meal plan with purchase of BARF meat and supplements: Free*

Assessment of Ratio or calculation for BARF, CORF, complete feed

per hour: CHF 120.-

individual meal plan (for doggie with diseases, allergies, etc.)

per hour: CHF 120.-

Growth curve for puppies and regular update

without purchase of products: CHF 180.-
when purchasing products: Gratis**

* minimum purchase price of total CHF 140.-

** minimum purchase price of total CHF 180.-