Our Story


Every day we welcome more than 25 dogs to Villa Bunterhund. Here we frolic, run, play and doze, relax and communicate with each other. Not only day and holiday guests get their money's worth here, but also wellness lovers and shopping enthusiasts will find everything they are looking for in the Villa Bunterhund.

However, the beginnings of Villa Bunterhund were modest. In 2011, Vivi opened what was then Villa Bunterhund in Kriens and turned an old farm into a cozy place for furry friends, far away from cars, streets and the noise of the big city. But with lush green meadows, lots of exercise and cozy spots inside the house.

The idea of ​​giving dogs a place where they can spend the day, play with other dogs and be cared for while their owners are at work or on vacation quickly became a popular service among dog lovers in the region. The dog taxi, which is well known today, was launched shortly thereafter so that master and dog did not have to drive up the small Kriens hill individually. More and more guests found their way up to Villa Bunterhund and soon it became clear: Villa Bunterhund needs more space so that more than 10 dogs can spend their day in the villa.

And so the – now two – owners went in search of a perfect place in the region. The beautiful Schwarzenberg did it to the two immediately. With its mountain panoramas, wide meadows and many footpaths, the little town in the Lucerne region was the perfect next location for Villa Bunterhund.

The plot of land that the management decided on previously served as a cheese dairy with an adjacent barn and a spacious meadow with lush green grass. Then it became official: Villa Bunterhund is moving! But first, extensive renovation work was required on the house to make it fit for use by the colorful team.

First, the wooden bedrooms found their way into the villa. This was followed by the dog boutique with numerous little things (and also less small products) that make the dog's heart beat faster. In the summer of 2018, the team decided that the summer heat could be braved with a shady spot with a dog pool and in no time they built a safe paddling area for the paws. The outdoor enclosure was given plenty of sleeping and climbing opportunities. New bedrooms followed, so that every holiday guest has their own spacious room for the night where they can rest.

In 2018, the Villa Bunterhund also opened a dog salon, where day and holiday guests can undergo a special wellness program. The paws are bathed, cared for and pampered all around in the modern, large salon.

From a small farmhouse to a large facility with lots of play, fun and sleeping options: Villa Bunterhund has come a long way - not least thanks to its loyal customers and the well-rehearsed team!