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Villa Bunterhund: Where your dog enjoys their holiday in the mountains, in a species-appropriate and lovingly cared-for manner. Close to town yet with all the charm that the countryside has to offer!

Your dog boarding & doggie daycare center in the Lucerne region

Our doggie paradise lies in the midst of nature, at the foot of Mount Pilatus.

Somewhat remote, yet close to the city, we have found the ideal location for our doggy daycare in Schwarzenberg LU. Easy to reach, yet offering plenty of space for the dogs to roam, play and enjoy.

In our outdoor enclosure, our four-legged guests can look forward to a large, fenced-in playground that reaches across approximately 1000 m2 and is freely accessible for the pack. If your dog prefers a quiet place inside, baskets and blankets await inside the house.

Since personal and loving care are of utmost importance to us, the dogs are always allowed to stay close to their caretakers. We don't have kennels, but instead offer plenty of space to play, run and relax.

We've set up bedrooms inside the house for the dogs that are spending their holidays at ours. The rooms are equipped with underfloor heating and can be occupied individually or with a roommate – depending on what your furball prefers and/or needs.

Your furball will spend the night in a basket they brought with them or in one provided by us. Of course, there are also many blankets and sleeping spots to choose from at Villa Bunterhund. What's more, your furry nose gets a delicious treat on the house before bedtime, and in the morning, the pack gets together again for a new day full of play and fun!

At a glance:

  • Large playground (approx. 1000m2, fenced)
  • Group Housing
  • Doggie pool with fresh water supply from our own source
  • Personal care
  • Floor heating in the bedrooms
  • Bedroom can be occupied by one or two dogs
  • Visitors can bring their own food and bed
  • BARF purchase possible (meat products available on-site)
  • Dry food purchase on-site possible (Acana Adult)
  • Every visitor gets a treat before bed (for free!)

Villa Bunterhund – your doggie daycare and doggie hotel in the Lucerne region. We look forward to meeting your furball!

Unser Hundepool

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  • Doggie Daycare

    The ideal offer for professionals. Your dog gets to spend the day in the pack while you go to work – or maybe just need a day off. Also ideal if your furball needs to be socialized and would like to have contact with other dogs.

  • Holiday & Overnight Stays

    Would your dog like to stay with us for multiple days? That, too, is taken care of. Your dog will find peace and quiet in our furnished bedrooms. During the entire time, your dog will be well looked after on our premises and taken on hikes and excursions during weekends.

  • Doggie Cab

    We will happily pick up your four-legged friend from your home and bring them back home safely.

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