General Terms and Conditions - Dog Groomer


We undertake to provide full care and attention to your animal and to consult the veterinarian in the event of injury or illness. The costs for medical services including animal transport and additional costs are borne by the owner himself.

We undertake to carry out the tasks assigned to us to the best of our knowledge and belief and with due diligence and competence. However, this is only possible if the client informs us about everything necessary and instructs us accordingly. (e.g. dangers, allergies, diseases, behavioral disorders etc.)

We only undertake services that have been agreed upon in advance. All treatments are carried out according to these general terms and conditions and the quality requirements of a dog salon. Requests that could endanger the well-being of the dog will not be carried out. The duration of the contract is limited to the duration of the treatment.

If the dog causes damage to the inventory, furniture, property or goods during its stay in the dog salon, the resulting costs are to be borne by the owner. The liability of the dog salon is expressly limited to willful intent and negligence.

If the treatment is terminated prematurely due to the behavior of the dog (e.g. biting, seizures) or the owner (e.g. acting contrary to the instructions of the Villa Bunterhund nursing staff), the previously agreed price must still be paid. Time delays due to disturbance by the dog will be charged. The dog salon Villa Bunterhund is entitled to charge significant time delays due to restlessness of the dog or disturbances of the owner as additional expenses.

Immediately after the treatment, the animal must be examined for any treatment deficiencies, which can then be corrected immediately. Later complaints cannot be accepted. The price agreed before the start of treatment must be paid.

The dog salon assumes no liability for customer-specific dog haircuts and treatments if they do not meet the FCI standard. Only deflead and dewormed dogs are treated.



The current tariffs apply, see

excluding 7.7% VAT

Learn price surcharges:

Disinfection flat rate (e.g. for mites, fleas, diarrhoea): CHF 100.00



Cancellation is no later than 48 hours prior to the start of treatment, this can be done free of charge by telephone or e-mail. Cancellations received after this deadline will be charged at the agreed price for the service. We kindly ask you to report cancellations for Mondays by Friday evening in advance at the latest, as we are difficult to reach on weekends. In the event of late or last-minute cancellations, the full treatment price will be charged. Cancellations are only valid with our confirmation.

The client undertakes to inform us immediately if he does not return by the agreed date. In emergencies or If the contract is not terminated in accordance with the contract, the animal will automatically remain in the care of Villa Bunterhund against subsequent charging of the known tariffs



The price of the treatment is to be paid on site in cash or by card.




We are only liable to the customer or third parties for damage caused by us in fulfilling the order due to a clear breach of our duty of care. This exclusively within the scope of the liability insurance taken out by us. If we have not been adequately instructed by the client, we fully reject any resulting liability claims by the client or third parties.

No compensation can be granted by us for injuries caused by accidents through no fault of ours or loss of the animal (infectious diseases, escape, etc.).

If the animal suddenly falls ill or is injured during the treatment period, it will be presented to the attending veterinarian. If this is not available, we reserve the right to consult another veterinarian. No agreement is negotiated with the pet owner about the costs involved. Therefore, the animal owner assumes all costs.

If there is a proven suspicion of animal abuse, we reserve the right to initiate appropriate measures and investigations and, if the suspicion is confirmed, not to hand the animal over to the animal owner.



We would like to inform your that in payment histories, in particular regarding undisputed claims that have not been paid after the due date, as well as, if applicable, debt collection information and address data will be transmitted to CRIF AG in Zurich for legitimate use as a credit reporting agency. CRIF will use the data to check your identity and creditworthiness and disclose it to authorized third parties.

Payment experiences can be analyzed by CRIF based on mathematical-statistical calculation methods for automated decision-making, particularly for assessing a person's creditworthiness. You can find more information at:



All undefined provisions are subject to statutory provisions. The place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from the contractual relationship is Kriens LU.

By signing the form or confirming by clicking on the box in the 'Form for new customers', the dog owner confirms that they have read and accepted the General Terms and Conditions.