10 wohltuende Kräuter für deine Fellnase

10 wohltuende Kräuter für deine Fellnase


As a master, you want to know that your fur nose is doing well. The health and well-being of our paw is our top priority and if our paw is suffering, we want to bring relief to our paw. But herbs do not only help your dog with complaints; they also help your fur nose to develop defences.

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But why and when exactly should herbs be used as a food additive? besides important vitamins , the controlled herbal supplement provides your dog with Trace elements, vital substances and minerals . With this they can detoxify the organism support metabolism but also that Influence the immune system and the musculoskeletal system positively if they are used correctly.

Of course you should never determine the amount of herbs yourself, feed a certain plant without prior clarification or collect the herbs yourself. Trained professionals will be happy to help you analyze what the problem could be and what the appropriate healing regimen should be. However, with our little guide you will find out what incredible effects some herbs can have.


    1. basil

      Basil not only belongs in the pasta sauce, but also in the food your furry friend eats. Because basil not only smells good, but also really has something to offer! Basil is great for indigestion. The green, aromatic leaf has an antispasmodic and expectorant effect and inhibits inflammation.

      1. birch leaf

      Is your fur nose struggling with scaly skin or urinary tract diseases? The healing powers of birch is the perfect helper against bacterial and inflammatory Diseases of the urinary tract, especially since they weakly draining works and thus washes out all that is bad.

      But beware : birch leaf is as effective as a painkiller and the dosage must therefore be right. For this reason always consult an expert before administering any herbs to your furry friend.

      1. Verbena

      This plant is a true all-rounder when it comes to healing! Vervain not only helps against cough , it also alleviates states of exhaustion . The powers of the purple plant are particularly interesting nervousness . For example, if you want to prepare your paw for a New Year's Eve full of noisy surroundings, a treatment with the calming herb can be started 14 days beforehand. Ask our trusted expert about this.

      1. marigold

      For coughs and hoarseness... reach for the healing powers of calendula! The lovely yellow plant helps your paw with a productive cough and encourages phlegm. At external application the miracle plant can also help poorly healing wounds work real miracles.

      1. rose hip

      Rosehip not only tastes good as a tea for us humans, the red berry also has a special effect on our four-legged friends. Rosa canina has always been known for her anti-inflammatory effect . For example, it can be used for joint problems such as arthrosis. In addition, the rosehip the purest vitamin C bomb .

      1. bentonite

      Is your paw overly nervous? Then concrete nitrate could be a good solution. The purple plant calms the nerves immensely. And not only that: the herb cranks at the same time too digestion .

      1. Iceland moss

      Some of us may still remember the Icelandic moss dragees, which worked wonderfully against coughs. That's exactly what Island Moos does for your paw: with his anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant effect, Iceland moss helps your four-legged friend with irritation of the mucous membranes mouth and throat . It can also loss of appetite be used.

      1. psyllium husks

      If the intestines don't want to play along, these marble-colored helpers can be a real blessing. Flea seed shells help your four-legged friend chronic constipation and inflammation the mucous membrane . They not only bind water, but also soothe irritation; to make your paw feel better right away.

      1. nettle

      The anti-inflammatory and diuretic Meadow plants can do a lot. It can provide relief for flushing therapies, but also for rheumatic complaints. In dogs, the miracle plant mainly counteracts itching, scaly skin and osteoarthritis .

      1. fennel comb

      Fennel not only regulates the human gut; the dog's belly also makes him happy. Fennel comb can be used internally for light, spasmodic gastrointestinal complaints, flatulence , but also against Upper respiratory tract catarrh be used. Fennel is adept at dissolving spasms and phlegm, promoting expectoration while soothing spasms. A really powerful herb that's good for your paw.


      So that you don't have to find and process all the right herbs yourself, we have ready-to-use and effective herbal mixtures for your furry friend. Tailored to various diseases and needs, you will definitely find the right mix with us so that your paw feels very comfortable.

      In this way, nerve clear helps all excited and frightened four-legged friends to keep a cool head. The mix for stomach and intestines provides your paw with the necessary extra - for a balanced intestinal flora and well-being.

      There is also a suitable, natural helper in herbal form for seniors: SeniorExtra also makes the older paws fit for the day. And tired joints are brought back to life by the JointFit and JointExtra .

      Haven't found what your paw needs yet? No problem! Our online shop offers many other herbal mixtures that have been lovingly put together to help your four-legged friend through the day.

      So herbs from nature have a lot to offer. You hold our darling healthy , well and fit for future adventures - and all that without chemicals ! By the way, if you want to learn more about the world of plants and what they can do for your paw, you should go to our Online shop browse and you the new book "Healing Herbs for Dogs" claw!

      Well, got a taste? Then now directly in our Online shop browse and carefully crafted herbal blends from Horse HealthSwitzerland order!

      Do you have questions about the use and effects of individual herbs? Would you like to learn more about medicinal herbs? Then stop by and find answers to all your questions at Villa Bunterhund!

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