Brush Out/Combing

Brushing out a dog's fur is particularly important for dogs that have a thick undercoat. The undercoat is pulled out of the coat with the help of a hair dryer and brush so that the coat can no longer become matted. This allows the skin to breathe (which is important in order to prevent skin eczema, etc.), the coat regains its old shine and the typical dog smell disappears - which is a special relief for owners of water-loving dogs

Baths / Shampooing

Your dog will be scrubbed clean by loving hands in our height-adjustable bathtub. We choose the right shampoo according to fur structure, color and tolerance, and make your furball shine.

Ear car

We gently remove the uncomfortable, superfluous hair in the ears and clean them thoroughly. This is very important, especially for dogs with floppy ears or dogs with thick fur, in order to prevent inflammations in the sensitive dog ear.

Paw Care

Whether it's snow or mud: Both dogs and human can't stand dirty paws. We bring your dog's feet back into shape, cut out old hair between the toes and care pads and claws.