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Brendieck-Worm, Cäcilia / Klarer, Franziska / Stöger, Elisabeth

Healing herbs for animals

Healing herbs for animals

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The comprehensive book on man's most faithful companion: history, biology and behavior.

A richly illustrated treat featuring portraits of 32 popular dog breeds.

The history of a unique relationship began more than 15,000 years ago - the friendship between humans and dogs. The dog is a working animal in the service of humans - be it as a herding or protection dog, drug sniffer dog, guide for the blind or hunting companion - but it is also a loyal companion to humans. And finally, the dog is always just a dog - a descendant of the wolf.

This book examines the dog from different perspectives. It not only describes the background of its evolution and domestication, but also provides a lot of interesting information about biology and behavior, sensory performance and abilities. The dog-human relationship is also highlighted: how the dog can be socialized and trained and how the human prepares him for the different roles and tasks for which he has bred the dog.

The richly illustrated book is rounded off with portraits of 32 popular dog breeds.

ISBN: 978-3-258-08045-1

1st edition 2018

224 pages, color illustrations throughout

bound, 19.6 x 23.5 cm, 862 g

Publisher: Haupt Verlag

Language: German

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